Labelling of first shoes lot was conducted in SEZ «Bremino-Orsha»

Labelling of first shoes lot was conducted in SEZ «Bremino-Orsha» - 1

A system of shoes labeling with means of identification of the Russian Federation was launched into commercial operation by the «Bremino Group» LLC. About 10 thousand pairs of shoes were labeled when the system was launched.

This followed the successful testing of the system for receiving, processing and transmitting of two-dimensional barcodes, developed by specialists of the «CYBER GENESIS» LLC., part of the «Bremino Group» LLC. The conducted experiment proved the complete readiness of the company to work with identification codes of a new generation.

During the software product operation, the main attention was paid to the technological cycle of verification, methods for applying, decoding and checking the digital labeling code at all stages of the supply chain.

«The system of labeling and traceability of goods will affect various categories of goods in the nearest future. As a major logistics operator, our goal is to provide partners with the necessary service, to explain in detail the operating procedure of the new system for ease of use, to automate our business processes, taking into account the development of IT technologies», - said Oleg Bortsov, director of the «Bremino Group» LLC.

We recall that the circulation of unmarked shoes products in the Russian Federation will be prohibited since March 1, 2020.

The shoes labeling with identification means allows to trace the goods transfer from owner to owner, which makes the market transparent for both participants and end users. Through such codes it is possible to trace the entire way of each pair of shoes - from its production to sale. In turn, consumers will be able to scan markers by phone using the special application «Chestny ZNAK» to obtain the detailed information about the pair being sold.