Customs preferences
Customs preferences

• Customs free zone procedure benefits;

• The goods under Customs free zone procedure required to follow the National system attestation standards;

• 0% value-added tax for following positions:

      - equipment, components, spare parts, raw materials and goods imported for an investment project;

      - imported vehicles under custom codes 8704, 8705, 8709, 8716 and sub position 870120 10- for 5 years;  

      - imported aircrafts and railway rolling stock that are not manufactured in the Republic of Belarus;

      - commodities that were manufactured from goods of foreign origin (under free economic zone procedure) and transferred for domestic consumption procedure; 

• 0% customs duties for following positions:

      - equipment, components, spare parts, raw materials and goods imported for an investment project;

      - export outside EAEU of the goods that were manufactured from goods of foreign origin.

Other benefits
Other benefits
• Preservation of legal regime (tax legislation) up to January 1st, 2028;

• Electronic document management;

• Requirements to the primary accounting documents and financial statements are not applied;

• Free price determination;

• Quotes for imported and exported goods/services, manufacturing quote, selling quotes and other quantitative restrictions for manufacturing and delivering of  goods/services are not applied;

• Simplified procedure of advertising on the territory of "Bremino - Orsha" special economic zone.
Migration and labour benefits
Migration and labour benefits
• Exemption from fees for the issuance / renewal of special working permits for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship;

• Visa-free entry to the territory of the Republic of Belarus for citizens of 80 countries;

• Flexibility of labor regulation.
Exemptions in building legislation
Exemptions in building legislation
• Regulations on Procurement of goods and services are not applied;

•  Prices and tariffs for goods and services in the sphere of construction are not regulated;

•  National System verification is not required;

• Certificate of compliance for realization of contractor's functions is not required;

• Exemption from compensation of agricultural and forestry production losses;

•  It is allowed to place objects which basic sizes of sanitary protection zones excess the local established parameters;

•  Pre-investments / pre-project documentation is not required;

•  It is allowed to carry out construction simultaneously with the development, examination and approval of project documentation for the next phase of the project;

• Investment objects can be the object of the deals before state registration and before the emergence of rights on them.
Tax exemptions
Tax exemptions
• 0% income tax during 9 years;

• 0% real estate tax during 20 years;

• Full deduction of VAT during facilities construction and equipping;

• 0% VAT until January 1st, 2033 when selling or leasing the real estate property to residents;

• 0% Income tax, tax on dividends and equal income during 5 years, when the profit is declared (for founders of resident companies and joint enterprises);

• 0% tax on dividends and equal income, when the profit is declared (for joint enterprises that get accrual from managing company) until January 1st, 2033;

• 5% Royalty tax until January 1st, 2028;

• 0% offshore tax when profit, dividends and equal income are transferred to owners;

• For the purpose of income tax assessment exchange rate differences are not included in the non-operating income and expenses until January 1st, 2033.
Exemptions in currency regulation
Exemptions in currency regulation
• Legislation requirements of foreign economic activity do not cover:

- terms and ways of foreign economic operation completion;

- contracts with reference to goods imported without crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus;

• Possibility to open accounts in foreign banks without permission of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;

• Possibility to purchase currency without restriction of its usage.
Preferences for land regulation
Preferences for land regulation
• Land lease up to 99 years;

• Flexible lease rate;

• Possibility of land plot sub-lease;

• Possibility of the leasing rights entrusting to the banks for pledge;

• No prior approval of the plot location is required;

• Plot passport is not required.